Plastic is the product that we cannot avoid in our day to day life. It is available in each and every corner of the world in different forms. These are economically cheap and easy to use and also Easy to Throw away after use. In every year around Ten Million Tons of Plastic wastes reaches in Oceans through rivers. Around 90% of this waste is from the 10 rivers of the world.

8 of the Polluting rivers are from Asia. China is the main contributor to this plastic waste to the ocean. China’s Yangtse river contributes around One and Half Million tons of plastic wastes to the ocean every year. India’s Indus and Ganges are in 6th and 7th rank. We can overcome this situation only with proper planning in the Government level and also by positive participation from the people.

In everyday House Boats and Cruises in Kerala, India dump around 4.5 tons of plastic and non-plastic wastes into rivers. Considering this is a serious issue Responsible Tourism Mission Authority in Kumarakom has decided to implement a Plastic Free Travel Destination plan.  They have decided to replace one-time use of plastic products like Carrying bags, Straws, Plates, and plastic bottles from Star Hotels, Restaurants and House Boats. 

They have set up a Member Panel consists of Responsible Tourism Mission, Chamber of Vembanad Hotels and Resorts, House Boat Owners Association and Kerala Travel Mart Society. As a part of the plan distributed 7000 cotton and Paper bags to the shops and restaurants in Kumarakom. News letters are provided to the guests in Kumarakom.


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