Indore, India’s Clean City

8 years ago Indore was one of the top polluted 20 cities in Asia. From 2016 onwards they changed that image through continuous awareness programme among the public. Officials of Indore City Corporation realised that they can change peoples attitude only through continuous awareness programmes. For this, they used Residents associations and NGO’s.

The most effective plan was awareness programs among the students in schools and colleges. Students corrected elders in throwing waste in the open area. Students were setting an example for the elders. These made people rethink. Started depositing wastes into bins and not gutka and pan in public places. Authorities also removed bin on right time. Gradually Indore becomes clean.

They also included the people who collected reusable things like plastics, metals, paper etc for their livelihood. Authorities provided ID cards and used them for the program. With the support of NGO organization Savthak, they started a centralized plastic collection centre. Savthak provided Rs.5 for One kilogram of plastic.

All plastics are cleaned and separated and shredded with the machine and provided for Rural Road Development Corporation for adding in road construction. They compress the hard plastic then convert it into big plastic cubes and finally sell to a cement factory. In the cement factory, they use this plastic as fuel.

Hitech Waste Bins

In Indore, Municipality uses Solar Powered Chip controlled waste bins. When it is full, the waste-collecting agency gets the message. They collect the waste on time. There are two kinds of Waste Bins to collect waste. One is for Dry waste and the second one is for not dry.

To Other Parts of India

Indore is a great example to each and every city and villages in Our Country and they proved that the two systems ie. People and Beaurocracy can work together to achieve a common Target. Many Corporations and government bodies are wasting peoples money without any proper plans for waste management.

For better Nature and Environment, we can put some effort. We, civilians also have certain responsibilities to the country. Authorities and People should learn from Indore, and should actively involve in waste management. Then only we can achieve Swatch Bharath or Clean India.

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